Sunday, June 12, 2005

foxgloves for cello

Originally uploaded by jamesandthebluecat.
... from just other side of those mine workings. V. pretty.

So now I'm back, from outer space. Well, a day-long hangover after going to a party held by some of the Falmouth Art School's Professional Writing group, in fact, but the general sense of being adrift in a godless void with a very short life expectancy was much the same. Felt better today though.

I'll be AFK for a couple of days (Away From Keyboard, which is what you get in World of Warcraft if you mouse over a player character sitting motionless in the middle of a dungeon while a battle rages all around him or her. Somewhere in RL*, someone has had to go for a wee, which never happened in Lord of the Rings, as far as I know, although I only got as far as the Mines of Moria bit, so I don't know how closely the films follow the books).

Anyway, while I'm away, here's: The Curious Cabinet - Chapter 3 (chapters 1 and 2 are lumped in together here if anyone needs/wants to catch up - and this a pretty short bit, and doesn't look as pretty as the others- I'll stop apologizing for it now - it's there if anyone wants to read it.

Tickets** for the new Bearded Ladies shows, so you can see Fay and Ori and their colleagues in action.

A flow chart guide to James Bond plots

The Geek Hierarchy

(a few of these are from Making Light, so if you haven't been there before, pop over and have a look).

and finally:

Some amazing photos from the 100th anniversary of Jules Verne's 'Around the World in Eighty Days'.

*'Real Life'
** OK, the link's being annoying, but you can get there from the BL blog.


BiScUiTs said...

Ah yes I've been seeing a lot of those lately. Very nice.

Willie Lupin said...

Crikey, I thought you'd stolen one of my Foxglove pics and was about to contact m'learned friends.
They do look wonderful in the wild although there's a great pleasure in having nurtured them from seed.

Kitty said...

so glad you had the day long hangover too - thought it was a sign of impending old age...

Steve Dix said...

More Curious Cabinet!


cello said...

Wow! I am truly honoured, and rather moved. And they are beautiful. In the end, for all my fannying around in the garden, nothing can beat Nature.

That slightly bluey pink though, like you also get in rose bay willow herb, is a colour I shun in my own garden. I have loads of foxgloves in my shady section, but they are all white, as Patroclus can now testify, having made it to the Open Gardens Day yesterday.

I love all tall pointy flowers like foxgloves; delphiniums, verbascums and, yes Willie, lupins!

I think I should probably have written all this in the Gardens section in the BC forum. Sorry.

patroclus said...

Yes indeed, I can confirm that cello has a marvellous garden, up to and including the delicate emergent asparagus (which is now looking decidedly healthy and robust, rather than delicate). And I now know that euphorbia is a plant, rather than a feeling of intense happiness experienced while having a nasty head cold. A very educational day all round!

Willie Lupin said...

cello, your horticultural tastes do you great credit.
My Delphiniums are in bud and I'm poised with my expectant blogosphere holds its breath.