Thursday, June 02, 2005

PP emergency

PP says:

"Clutching at straws. The Guardian says blogs can solve the problems of the world so here goes: Can anybody get me a Pisastro Chromcord D string for a Double Bass for saturday morning?"

They'd have to be reasonably near Canterbury, of course. Annoyingly, I've got loads of Pisastro Chromcord D string Double Bass strings, but I won't be able to post them in time. Tch.

PP then added:

"I will be in london tomorrow and am willing to do tricks for strings."

Worth considering, I'd say. A PP in the hand is worth- (transmission ends).

UPDATE - PP says"

"I am now a proud owner of a Pisatro Flexocor D string- not a Chromcor to be
found in central london. I also bought a new case which looks like a giant sleeping bag.
Then I had a nose bleed- with blood down my shirt and with something that
looked like my bed in my arms I looked like a street person- just the right
tone to be set at work..."


And here's another music video involving small woodland creatures. And Sigur Ros. Awww.

NB. I've just remembered how, when once I was round at at PP's flat with a friend who had drunk slightly too much. She suddenly murmered 'Oooh, I think I'm going to have to be sick', at which point PP got up, walked to the hallway way, turned his double bass round so that the hole bit faced the wall, then walked back to the front room and resumed the conversation. Most impressive.


Paul Pennyfeather said...

I will be in london tomorrow and am willing to do tricks for strings.

Paul Pennyfeather said...

What happened to the other link?

james henry said...

It didn't work, and when I went to the site to check, it seems to have been taken down. A shame, because it was very very funny, and now no-one will ever know what it was.

But it was very very funny.

Angela said...

clutching at straws?

that's my line! i should claim royalties, really, but i won't be that petty...

Steve Dix said...

PP, Try these online shops :

They're mostly guitar shops, but I imagine at least one of them would carry double bass strings.

cello said...

Sorry PP. We can only do violins and violas in this house.

What sort of stuff do you play?

Paul Pennyfeather said...

I have been to Foote's on Golden Square- you have to go through this young person's music shop with electric guitars and drum kits to the back through a set of doors like you are going to out the back, down some dingy stairs and then your are in double bass heaven. I bought myself a D string (Pisatro Flexicord- thay didn't have any Chromcord) and ended up buying a new case. £170 to visit a place that's like Diagon Alley is quite cheap!
the case is bright red and very cool- the nice man tied it up with string and it looked like a giant's sleeping bag. The "down and out" look was completed a nose-bleed as I walked down Oxford street.
I am ready for "ARTSFEST!" at UKC tomorrow- we are playing light opera hits (Nessum Dorma etc) and other prom stuff like Pomp and Circumstance marches. There are other stages with brass bands and even some rock bands for the young people. Come on down if you are in the area.

irony in motion said...

Hope you're watching Later with Rufus, James.

cello said...

Paul, maybe we should start the Blue Cat Band. I know Poppy plays the flute. Strangely, I don't play the cello, but do play the piano and French Horn. Mmm, I think our repertoire might be a bit limited. Unless we can muster up a full symphony orchestra. Any offers?

Kalista said...

I'm a violinist, and would be very honoured to join the blue cat band. Perhaps we could get JRT to play cello?

irony in motion said...

Can I come to the recital?