Saturday, June 04, 2005

Nearly Toy-Fu 20 - New Staff

Well, it was, but I was dissatisfied with it, so I've taken it down to have another go. One argument runs 'look, it's only a stupid webcomic about toys and guns, who cares' and the other says 'if you can't even get a stupid webcomic about toys and guns right....'

So I decided to have another go. In the meantime I was going to put up the treatment for the Viking Heist Movie, but you know what? I'm not quite happy about that either. Imagine what I could achieve if I became a perfectionist about things that actually, you know, mattered.


cello said...

What happened to Toy-fu 17, 18 and 19?

james henry said...

Just haven't put them on the site yet.