Thursday, July 09, 2009

“When we went through the rebrand, it was designed to be amphibious for the linear and nonlinear space"

Which turns out to mean, in English, the 'Dave' channel has just bought the rights to show a lot of C4 stuff, including Smack the Pony and Green Wing. Chuck in Bob the Builder and they may as well call it 'Channel Blue Cat' oh no I've gone a bit megalomaniacal.

UKTV to air Channel 4 shows.


Boz said...

Bob could be the name of their sister channel for a younger audience.

Dave and Bob.

I like that.

Anonymous said...

will you get royalties for everytime they are shown on dave then? if so then it's a good thing right?

plus it means I'm going to end up watching more Green Wing on tv despite having the DVD's
oh and Smack the Pony, I haven't watched that in a looong time

james henry said...

Not sure about royalties, am finding out at the moment.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

You mean they're going to do more than just show Top Gear 24/7?

Oli said...

Royalties appear to be a bit of a grey area for you at the minute. Me, I don't have to worry about such things...

p.s. but will they be showing los dos bros? I liked that, even though you didn't write it.

james henry said...

Royalties seem to be a bit of a grey area for all writers at the moment, I think.

Only seen about five minutes of Los Dos Bros, which I liked a lot. The producer keeps telling me she'll lend me the rest of the DVD, but never has.

Mike said...

I keep coming back to read that quote about the amphibious rebrand, and it makes me more angry every time.


Eleanor said...

I want to know what they mean by nonlinear space:
Is it a metaphor for play on demand?

Yeah, that royalty question is an interesting one.