Monday, July 13, 2009

Today I didn't even have to use my A.K., which was good, because it's jolly noisy.

In ascending order of excitingness:

1. Got a call from the BBC to tell me my treatment for a proposed adaptation of an 18th century text has gone down well, and they are commissioning a script for the first episode, to make sure I can actually do all the stuff I said I could do (see EDIT). Quite a lot of credit for the commission must go to Maddy, my script editor, who hovered anxiously at my metaphorical elbow throughout the drafting process, saying things like 'do you think we should actually have some story in this bit?' and 'why not try linking some things in this episode to some things that happen in other episodes, so it seems more like, you know, a connected series of things?'. I am in awe of Maddy.

2. The train back from London to Truro today (it was a bit of a flying visit) was so busy, the ticket collector neglected to check my ticket, leaving it physically pristine, to the extent that if I travel again to London within thirty days, I can get back FREE!

3. The ticket collector on the train from Truro to Penryn shamefacedly admitted he had left his machine on the other train, so he couldn't charge me for that bit. Free journey number two!

4. The chip shop, which I had thought was closed on Monday nights, WAS IN FACT OPEN!

I now feel very much like I assume Mr. Ice T felt when he penned the song 'It Was A Good Day'

Peace Out.

EDIT: in case it's not entirely clear - what the BBC were looking at was supposed to be an rough outline for a possible series, but ended up as a full treatment: a thirteen page document listing the tone, setting and characters that would make up the show, with a fairly detailed breakdown of each episode, so anyone reading it can see the rough dramatic arc, where the funny bits would be, and so on. So now the BBC have chosen to call my bluff (which is what a treatment always is, to be honest), meaning I have to start writing an actual script. Just the first episode for now, but the rest to follow if they like the first one.

If it seems like I'm being a bit coy about the actual book itself, that's because it's early days yet, and I don't want to tempt fate.

EDIT 2: Yes I did mean 'ascending order of excitingness' I REALLY WANTED CHIPS.


Oli said...

Of course, now the international conspiracy of train conductors will HUNT YOU DOWN for your bare faced ticket jumping.

Otherwise, quite a good day, I'd say.

p.s. Verification word: gaimon. Rasta-sandmen ahoy.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! And good luck.

Far be it from me to label anyone else's priorities as wonky. Fantabulous day.

Jayne said...

I am delighted for you. Although not as delighted as I am to have left ALA for the day. Am now in hiding from American librarians until dinner time. Mmmm, chips...

Boz said...

Brilliant!! This is most excellent news.

Getting from Truro to London and back cannot be cheap.

And it's only 9.55am, but oooooo chips. Mmmm.

PK said...

Brilliant news about the script. I think I know the work of literature involved. Well, I'm guessing I know the piece involved, it gels perfectly with your own sensibility I reckon. I shall say no more because I am a man of principle.

Plus, I'd look like a right idiot if I got it wrong after saying all of the above.
Happy writing.

Fat Roland said...

Wow! This is great news, although I admit to more than a twinge of jealousy. Most of the chip shops round here have become kebab takeaways, and yes, they serve chips, but it's not quite the same thing.

james henry said...

I have two really quite good chip shops within a minute's walk of my house! It's amazing I'm not even fatter than I already am.

(actually I've lost about half a stone lately, so really I quite deserved those chips)

Provincial Lady said...

I had to trek all the way into Truro for chips on Monday night, as for once I had remembered that the local one is shut. Was there some kind of mass craving for greasiness in the air or something? Anyway, new chippy on Lemon Quay? Harbour Nights. Or Lights, not sure. Nicely soggy chips, crispiest batter mmmm. Congratulations on the script!