Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Music Video

Okay, I can't think of anything, although I am a bit distracted, as I'm picking up the keys to the new house today, ooh blimey etc. I do really like that Weezer video (particularly when that Britney-defending kid gets THE HUG HE'S BEEN WAITING FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE (tm Scrubs), but everyone's probably seen it by now.

Anyone want to put any decent links up in the comments thread?

UPDATE: ALL THE SUGGESTIONS HAVE BEEN BRILLIANT. Will integrate them into this post later, but am out for a meal in a sec.

Maybe I should just outsource this blog to the commenters. In other news, the house really really smells of dog and needs new carpets, and lots of other stuff, but who cares, it's MINE* (well, the bank's, but still.)

* OURS, whatever.


Tom said...

This is probably old too and already done the rounds but I only saw it yesterday:

james henry said...

"When I say 'Assam', you say "Lovely".

I liked that.

kaiki said...

oooooh ooooh oooooooh.
also possibly all been seen before
(and stolen wholesale from graham linehan's blog)

gorgeous. when it ended i came to dazed and blinking.

Anonymous said...

Oli said...

Howsabout some bittersweet indie-prog?

Anonymous said...

Oh good lordy, it has to be

Anonymous said...

Have a bang on that.

james henry said...

Acappella Queen!

Best comments thread ever.