Thursday, May 08, 2008

This couldn't wait until friday.

From the mighty popjustice, Sonny J's 'Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)', which ticks all my boxes by having a) a lady with superheroish powers, and b) cool dance routines.

Now mum's back home, I seem to have settled into a pleasant routing of going for a swim in the morning, then wandering over to mum's after lunch, so she can have a nice kip without having to worry about phones, people popping round and so on. And because there's no wi-fi over there, I actually have to get on with work, which means I've finished the first draft of the second ep of my Teen Drama Project two weeks early, woo hoo!

I'm also helping out with the gardening.

MUM: Try a bit of this rocket lettuce.

I nibble on it. Mmm, rather hotter than I'm used to, but very nice.

ME: Mmm. It's rather hotter than I'm used to, but very nice.
MUM: Oooh, try this.

She hands me a differently-shaped green leaf. I nibble it, cautiously.

ME: Hmm. It's a bit sort of ... soapy.

I chew away thoughtfully for a bit longer.

ME: And slightly bitter. What is it?
MUM: I don't know.

Slight pause.

ME: Bleeeeuuuugh.


Jayne said...

This helpful website:

might help your mum work out what she can feed you. For example, it advises avoiding soapy or bitter tasting leaves if you don't want to die an agonizing death...

Imo said...

She's trying to kill you - run away, run away!

james henry said...

I still don't know what it was.

Spinsterella said...

Popjustice has the best interviews ever. Sample question: Why do you never see happy joggers?

The only way to improve them would be for them to feed the pop stars possibly poisonous herbs and see their reaction.

Fat Roland said...

I like. You posted Soulsavers' 'Revival' a while back and I ended up playing it on my radio show.

james henry said...

Oh cool! 'Paper Money' off the album is even better - crying out to be used in a moody action movie somewhere.

Jayne said...

ps why are you practically a Navy SEAL at the moment? Did you go paddling?

james henry said...

It's a Boston Legal reference - those unaware of the show's existence should purchase the first DVD set RIGHT NOW.

Stef the engineer said...

"Cool Dance Moves?" Erm, she makes them do line dancing. Inhuman, positively inhuman. Might make it on to "Heroes" - 'Able to force people to do Billy Ray Cyrus impressions.'