Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Music Video: The Chemical Brothers

An old one, but I never get bored of it: Michele Gondry's video for The Chemical Brothers' 'Let Forever Be'.

"We are not sure our audience would be familiar with bed & breakfast hotels, particularly those in Torquay. Many of our audience would not be aware that Torquay was a seaside resort, or, indeed, that such a place as Torquay exists. Or that there is such a thing as a seaside resort."

I liked this, an imaginary set of notes from the BBC Comedy Department of 2008 on the first Fawlty Towers script. Could have done without white text on black though.

Geoffrey Perkins (ex-BBC comedy commissioning editor) has the original set of reader's notes (which aren't much less negative, and certainly don't recommed it get picked up as a series) on Fawlty Towers framed in his office at Tiger Aspect. A couple of years ago I had a meeting with him, in which he turned down a sitcom outline I'd written, but was kind enough to take down the letter to show me, to make the point that producers often miss works of genius, and that I shouldn't take it personally.

I didn't work, obviously, and I stewed for a year, concocting ELABORATE SCHEMES OF REVENGE, but it was a nice thought.


Lucy said...

Did you post him a Danger mouse style bomb?

And did he escape the blast using a comically undersized pink umbrella?

Devon Ellington said...

enjoyed your comment on Seriocity. And I agree -- "distinct voice" sounds much better. Unfortunately, I believe a "distinct voice" is capable of writing in multiple genres, but too many of the people making the decisions don't.

I think you're right -- sometimes it's best not to know how the agent has pitched us, as long as we get the check.

Best wishes,
Ink in My Coffee