Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Ant Man, footie songs and stuff and that.

Superherohype has an interview with Edgar Wright about the forthcoming Ant Man project. And Joe Cornish is involved - ace! (Adam and Joe's Best of DVD is now £5.99, just so you know, and contains the quite quite lovely footie song) But back to Ant Man - the 'Elmore Leonard' take on Ant Man sounds pretty appropriate to the subject (what with that particular AM being an ex-burglar)*, and there's an interesting article somewhere in the crossover of crime and superhero comics (Brian Michael Bendis seems to make the transition back and forth pretty seamlessly).

Although I should point out the graphic novel they're talking about is "Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life" not "Previous Little Life". Smug smug smoog.

So, anyway, relationships and that. Let's just take it that I'm currently hyperlinked, relationship-wise, and keep it as a sort of background thing, without me mining every last detail for hilarious moments. There's a real danger of starting to use every aspect of your life (and other people's lives) for material, and it's nice to keep some things separate.

Unless we fall out really badly of course, then it'll be WAR OF THE BLOGS!!!!!

And she has way more ammunition than I do, so I would lose.

And never mind all that stuff - NEW OK GO!

*The other Ant Man was of course Hank Pym, who went on to become about sixty feet tall - hence 'Gi'-ant Man, a joke I had to have explained to me, I am a dur-brain.


Button said...

erm James

Is the video meant to do something?

*whispers a wee congratulations*

Button said...

ignore the above.
(the whinge, not the congrats)

There's something up with my computer.

Marsha Klein said...

Congratulations! Obviously this would have been more appropriate as a comment on the post below but, hey that's the drawback of being a part-timer!
Recommend Helsinki as a celebratory spot (see Pat's blog comments for details). Forgot to mention that vikings also figure highly in Finland, alongside (although presumably not in cahoots with) the Moomins

Marsha Klein said...

That OK Go video is genius. Insane genius, and, yes, it would have made sense to have watched it before commenting above!

Matt said...

that video is cocking genius!
I don't know the song itself (are they taking off a previous video) but I am a sucker for synchronised dancing of almost any sort (even like the early muller yogurt ads).
Also amazed by their skill on a running machine, having once almost killed myself by trying to talk to someone behind me in the middle of an 'active stroll'. Was then pointed out that I could just look at them in the mirror.

leonie said...

now see, that is the only thing people should do with treadmills: synchronized dancing!


james henry said...

Matt, they did the 'million ways' video, where they have a dance in their back yard - probably still on youtube somewhere, and well worth a lookie...

Anonymous said...

Adam & Joe DVD, excellent. Another Christmas present problem solved (I like to plan ahead).

In our house we have a particular fondness for the "Robert de Niro" song, including the memorable couplet:

"Once Upon a Time in America
Houston, Houston, Houston - Houston, Angelica"

Marvellous stuff.

That Bloody Woman said...

He was in Godfather II but not Godfather III,
Are you, are you, are you looking at me?

Spinsterella said...

"I'm currently hyperlinked, relationship-wise"

Almost patrocleanly* sharp turn of phrase there!

(*sorry, there's probably a tidier way of saying that)

Loganoc said...

Video's not working for me either, but I just watched it on YouTube. My dear god, it's incredible. I don't wanna know how many takes/broken legs that took to do. WOW. Did you know there's a "dance like ok go and you can appear on stage with them" contest on youtube? I hope they're not doing that with the new one.

belladona said...

The Star trek song is on the Adam and Jo dvd too - though only voice, not film. It's way better than the footie song. Grr.

jk said...

Blimey, that video's fantastic. 101 things you can do with a treadmill...

helen said...

That video is genius! Wow the things people can come up with and the time it must have taken them to get that right! Thankee for sharing.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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