Sunday, August 13, 2006


I don't normally write that much about bloggging itself, partly because I can't even fucking spell it, clearly, but also because any theory I come up with goes out of date by the time I click on 'publish post'.

Other people have written some good stuff however.

Patch has come up with a zombie analogy. Zombies, people. That's why I'm currently* kissing her, and not you. Think on't.

Tim at Cultural Snow has also written a good thing, although just as good was his pointing out that the greatest, and newest internet theorist on the block is Dave Lee Travis

And not on blogging, but on the whole airplane thing, Kung Fu Monkey Kicks Ass.

In other news, a rat called Henry tries to jump onto a bed. The tension is frankly, unbearable. It's better than anything I've seen on telly this week. Including journalists lining up by the fence at Heathrow, talking about how air traffic has stalled noticeably, then having to shout as a huge jet comes in to land in the background.

* I say currently, but geography would dictate otherwise. Stupid geography I HAVE ALWAYS HATED YOU.


patroclus said...

Gosh. That's really only a bit of my zombie analogy, there's some more of it here, at Ceridwen and Leighton's mysterious media empire. I could go on about blogs being the 'monstrous other' of the media, and invoke all kinds of cultural theories of 'otherness', but fortunately for you and the Blue Cat audience, I'm going to go and make some pear compote instead.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic – but thought you may like to know that whilst waiting for a flight, I was forced into watching a looped episode of Bob the Builder. It was quite complicated (there was an architect and mention of an amphitheatre) but after the 5th showing I finally got into the swing of things and was happily singing along with all the other children. We all become firm friends, learned how to help one another, as an added bonus, had a new word to add to our vocabulary, and may well be able to build a house for a passing architect in less than 3 seconds. On the 6th showing, I spotted the writer credit – ‘James Henry’ and suddenly it all made sense. Bob the Builder rules! (But the onion/potato/scarecrow character was woefully underused)

James Henry said...

Dammit, I haven't even seen that one myself - or the one about building library I wrote as after a conversation with The Mighty Evans (didn't give her the writing fee though).

realdoc said...

James you wrote Bob the Builder?
I did not know that.
I liked the rat failing to jump. Perhaps it will start a trend of people filming themselves failing to do things. I could do a 4 hour epic on failing to connect my bloody laptop to wifi aaaaarrrrgggghhhh

cello said...

Blogging does have its limits. Getting the geography right is essential for many important things, not just kissing and things.

You will never have the pleasure of eating my carrots, smelling my roses, jumping on my trampoline or hearing me sing unless the geography gets sorted. I appreciate this may not be as frustrating as not being able to kiss a friend, but it must come damn close.

BiScUiTs said...

Ah! You've linked to Catpees blog! I'll have to tell her! It is an amusing video, especially when Henry seems to go missing at the end.

Anonymous said...

Ah naught more frustrating than being unable to kiss a person.

N.B this sentence should be accompanied by footage of james running round the fields of cornwall shouting 'cathy!'

Catpee said...

Hello, I'm glad Henry's bed jumping efforts were appreciated although Henry himself is insanely embarrassed about the whole thing.

I'm having some technical trouble with the next installment of Henry's bed leaping extravaganza so have posted an interlude of a magical mug in the meantime.