Thursday, August 18, 2005

Toy-Fu catch-up

When I get to the end of the current storyline, I'll try and bribe Matt into updating the separate TF site (through food, or wine, or maybe, just possibly, money), but in the meantime here's all the Toy-Fu's to date.

Blimey, it's gone on a bit.

Toy(s)-Fu 1-16

Toy-Fu 17 - Hush

Toy-Fu 18 - Eyes

Toy-Fu 19 - Lost Gun

Toy-Fu 20 - New Staff

Toy-Fu 21 - Lost Jeff

Toy-Fu 22 - Spoon

Toy-Fu 23 - Back

Toy-Fu 24 - Scared

Toy-Fu 25 - Dark

Toy-Fu 26 - ?

Toy-Fu 27 - Place

Toy-Fu 28 - Going In

Toy-Fu 29 - Run-Up

Toy-Fu 30 - Stuck

Toy-Fu 31 - Poke

Toy-Fu 32 - Shiny

Toy-Fu 33 - Steeeeeeeve


Anonymous said...

... and in the meantime, poor Steve is still stuck in the hole with the round, black, shiny thing. Which might be a slug. Not that I'm worrying about that or anything...

Alex said...

Are you a little worried your set (which i'm guessing doubles up as your house) has a large hole on the outside with black shiny things inside?

Just kidding.. seriously though.. I challenge you to get Toy-Fu published either as a small paperback or weekly/daily column in a paper/magazine..

Steve Dix said...

Gone on a bit?

Wait until you suddenly realise you've been doing it for over five years, like I did with

TOTKat said...


Love that.

That sort of pluralisation that is.