Thursday, March 29, 2007

Losing My Edge

Some people have suggested that that 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' song sounds a bit like this song by LCD Soundsystem:

Yeah, I can see how you might think that.


They don't sound at all similar, other than both being shouty lo-fi beepy choons that sound a bit like the Fall, and that's it. 'Tch' and 'Honestly' and so on. People shouldn't make stupid comments about songs sounding the same unless they've asked me first, and I've agreed, in which case it's fine.

Mind you, this post does sound like a below-par Popjustice post*. Sorry.

*If such a thing were possible. Which it is not, obvs'ly.


Anonymous said...

I heard "Thou Shall..." on 6 music a couple of weeks ago and instantlly loved it (there's a line about Stephen Fry in it), but it does not sound anything like LCD.

Either way, i'm too busy listening to The Bees.

Sylvia said...

LIke concorde, I'm afraid - way over my head. Going through a Carpenters phase at the moment.
Why do bird droppings suddenly appear every time you are near....
Sorry, got carried away there. There was something about Thou shall Guardian Guide last Sat. Think it was approving.
Are you going this evening?

James Henry said...

"Going"? "This Evening"?

I'm going out for a drink in Chiswick, does that count?

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar camp to Sylvia here.

I'm in the British Library so I can't listen to the song, plus I don't know the other song you're referencing, and I don't know what Popjustice is. Or why a below-par post there would be unlikely.
I've been to Chiswick though, if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yup, me too. Have no clue about all this young person's music malarkey and have never even been to Chiswick. Am, however, in Cusco, Peru which is where 80's pop music goes to die.

Aren't The Bee Gees great! Dunno about The Bees other than that they can be a menace at picnics.

Sylvia said...

James, I meant were you going to the National this evening to see JRT and Pippa. Enjoy your drink this evening - glad someone has a social life!

Oh dear - with hip bloggers like us, makes you wonder why you bother.....I think all the young ones must be out.

Fat Roland said...

That LCD track ain't just for the kids. He namechecks A-Ha.

Valerie said...

Ahh... a-ha. Still one of my favorite groups. But much better quality than "Take On Me" after 25 years of practice.

That song has only beeps in common with "Thou Shall.." Have the copyright laws changed? Oh no, my alarm clock is likely in violation..

Billy said...

Yay for Popjustice!

Jacqui said...

Am a LCD soundsystem fan and no I don't think it sounds the same, apart from maybe the introductory bit of music. I play them in my car on the long journey to falmouth a far bit.
Wot do I know I'm writing this after polishing off a bottle of wine.

surly girl said...

i just heard that "thou shalt not kill" song on mtv 2 (ooh! get me!). it's aces. you can't argue with that level of beardiness.

Fi said...

If it ain't blasting out of my daughter's room, then I won't have heard it.
And I haven't a clue where Chiswick is either.
But I would like to thank you for your kind words of encouragement (I'm not ordinarily so self-absorbed and pathetic - honest!)
I don't think its the sunshine's fault, or the boogie's, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to blame it on the moon(light).
Sorry Michael.
Its big and its full and does strange things to people's moods.
Its beautiful too!

Jen said...

James, if you haven't been to see it yet (that is, Landscape with Weapon) go on the 5th of May!

Come on, you must support those poor 'ex-Green Wingers'...

Sylvia said...

yes, we're going to need a tall bloke to lunge forward - Baggie is threatening all sorts and JRT's ankles and my supply of sweets are not safe.

James Henry said...

Ooh I don't do plays. Oooooooh no.

Jen said...

Neither do I really. I do musicals. The bimbo version.

But obviously I'm y'know...going because of the subject matter...y'know...bombs and moral stuff. *twirls hair*