Thursday, March 01, 2007

Indie Acappella

Over at inkstro, which is in foreign, but you'll muddle through. Not sure about the Arcade Fire one, but the Sufjan one is great, and makes Come On! Feel the Illinoise! sound like the cross between the theme to Rainbow and S-Club 7's Reach for the Stars that PP and I always reckoned it was.

He reckons 'Close to Me' is in there as well, but I'm not convinced.

In other news, I appear to have been jumped on by a cold in the last two hours. Until normal service is resumed, OR I DIE, here's an unusual Saturday Night Light. Unusual in that it's a) quite funny, but also b) has one of the above-mentioned bands in it.

Eurgh, I feel rubbish.


Billy said...

Those acapella things are amazing, if slightly odd.

Sylvia said...

in foreign, eh James? Italian you mean. Haven't read it all, but hey, perhaps I'm too old for it, but at least I have a choice (sigh!)

Not feeling well? would that be the dreaded manflu we hear about?

hope you get better soon.

kirsten said...

Get well soon! Then you can go around boasting that you were snatched from the jaws of death.

Taiga the Fox said...

This comment has nothing to do with your blog post, or maybe a little bit, because it's sort of foreign too, but anyway, I just remembered this screamingly important thing,
I haven't remembered to tell you, I suppose.

My friend, a very talented art curator, sent her Green Wing DVD to Norway and now an entire Norwegian village has seen it. Especially the village doctors and nurses loved it and I could say, there is a certain Green Wing madness spreading over the fjords.

Like I said, very important. Get well soon.

james henry said...

Well my scenes were always heavily influenced by Ibsen (although Fay and Ori constantly argued that the later social realism of Chekhov should be a more direct influence, but that a different story), so that's probably what they're picking up on. Thanks Taiga!

*bleurghs back to bed*

Jen said...

Right, what I'm going to do is prescribe you a placebo, James...

And Kenan from 'Kenan and Kel' is that waterboy. It was one of those childhood programmes of mine that I bloody HATED, but watched anyway. Nickelodeon ruled my life for a long time.

flic 2 said...

is it that horrable achey, fluey cold thing that everybody seems to have

its not fun

get well soon

llewtrah said...

In Forrin?

What d'you think Babelfish is for ;)