Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seven Songs You Like at The Moment

I'm not officially part of this meme, because I more or less demanded it off Patroclus, so I haven't 'tagged' anyone with it, as I don't believe I have the legal right to do so. Also, no-one will have any song choices as good as this one, so as far as I'm concerned, The Meme Stops Here.

All either a bit sort of glitchy, electronicy, or Scandinaviany, blended into one seamless 31MB mp3 for your listening pleasure.


1: 'Vipco' - AiM

Pointlessly jubilant.

2: 'Mirando' - Ratatat

The sort of music toy robots listen to whilst cruising about in a stolen Barbie convertible, tin heads bobbing slowly as they mime drive-bys at lego spacemen.

3: 'Verbal' - Amon Tobin

Off some car-racing computer game I think. I always try and sing along with this one, which makey no sense, as you will realise if you listen to it.

4: 'Until We Bleed' - Kleerup, feat. Lykke Li

I Lykke it and I hope you Lykke it too (sorry).

5: 'We Share Our Mother's Health (Trentmoller Remix)' - The Knife

There's a sort of menacing Scandinavian thing carrying on into this one.

6: '12 Long Ago, A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America' - Rafter

Might be swearing in this, not sure as I can't quite make out the words. Maybe it's 'No no no funnin' around'.

7: 'Fake Plastic Trees' (Radiohead cover) - Mr Hopkinson's Computer

I know nothing about Mr Hopkinson's Computer, but I suspect it's one of those old Spectrums with the rubber keys.

In the unLykkely (stop it) event anyone cares, my previous, even harder to listen to podcast post thing is here:


COMING SOON: a disturbing update of the state of affairs at the BBC TV Centre Foyer. Only my phone's run out of battery and I can't find the charger. But it will be worth the wait, oh yes.


Jocelyn Lavin said...

Can I just say how much I like the word "Scandinaviany"?

Also, the song I've had on the brain for the last few weeks is that Sonny J one that you introduced me to by posting the video. Clearly you are an evangelist and I must immediately go and see if I like any of this new list as much.

james henry said...

It's a bit moody, this one. But I hope people like the songs anyway.

Ooh, I might go and watch that Sonny J video again.

Anonymous said...

Just had to leave this anonymous link....

Wanted to see if it made everyone here laugh as hard as it made me laugh (tears in the eyes).

But I refuse to admit who I am. (A lurker.)


james henry said...

Well, I didn't not like it, but perhaps you have to be in the right mood...