Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eek no broadband.

From tomorrow. Until BT get round to putting it into the new house, which is supposed to take a week, but I trust not their honeyed words.

Fortunately, the pub just down the road has wifi, so I can check stuff fairly regularly, but if anyone needs a rapid response on anything (doubtful), best use the mobile.

Peace out.


Jayne said...

Hah! Does this give me an extra week on my deadline?

james henry said...

I can't reply to this, as I have no broadband.

(yes, probably)

BlackLOG said...

I don't use BT out of principle, no matter how good their Broadband is. I was happy when they were a monopoly (although they possibly would have been better as scrabble with the service they provided). They ripped us all off, but that’s what Monopolies do. At some point in the 80's they ran a number of ads saying how sorry they were that they mugged us and please come back. It was so smug that I have never been able to forgive them for it. Currently I'm happy being mugged by Virgin Media.....

P.S Love your Blog, inspired me to go and bore the world. I'm sure the world will forgive one day.

Jayne said...

My laptop, she is dead. I blame you. You just couldn't bear the thought of the rest of us having broadband fun without you could you??!!

And no, I haven't backed up for MONTHS.



james henry said...

Sorry about that Jayne.