Sunday, July 16, 2006


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More of a red herring I'm afraid - the Doctor Who thing will have to wait, as I'm back off to London tomorrow, and lost most of the day today after my iBook caught a virus from an ad director (something my Aunt Hilda always warned me would happen).

In the meantime, head over to DIY Rockstar for a twinklingly cute/pleasingly whooshy remix of the Postal Service's "We Will Become Silhouettes'.

You know what? Love The Postal Service, never been that bothered about Death Cab For Cutie.

I KNOW!!! MADNESS!!!!!!!

Dog Update: no pants have been directly sighted. However, a number of unsupervised toilet breaks have been made, and he seems in good spirits, so it looks as though they may have passed through, sans commemoration.

And also just quickly, if you can work out how to do it, download all the Adam and Joe podcast things (AB's blog is here, and I think you can linky about until you find it), then listen to the seventh one - particularly the increasingly silly and incoherent football songs. I got the giggles really badly on the train, and thought I had it under control until the last one, at which point, reader, I slightly snotted myself.


kelly said...

I love the R. Kelly one as well! He has a brother called Tron!

patroclus said...

The ad people gave you a virus? Oohooo, it's just like Transmission!

And in time-honoured pedantic fashion, I think you'll find it's We Will Become Silhouettes. Very disturbing lyrics, had you noticed?

I like Ben Gibbard's solo stuff myself, but that's because I am a Pitchfork-reading pretentiouser-than-thou indie grup twat.

RachelFunkeh said...

I get like that on the train listening to Green Wing, although sans snottage!

Are Adam and Joe still around? Wicked, must go download, well when i get home so i don't fill my friends computer with stuff she wouldn't want!

Rachel x

james henry said...

Song title amended, ta.

Sleep now.

Hamilton's Brain said...

I touched Adam once.

kelly said...

You just go to and they're all there to download, with or without iTunes.

talulah trashbag said...

I once heard this so-called Death Cab for Cutie mangle the words and melody of This Charming Man so horrendously I was compelled to lock myself in my bedsit for an afternoon and practice my air-gladioli until I felt normal again.

cello said...

Bloody Hell! Fat kids, global warming and now your iBook - is there no ill advertising isn't scapegoated for?

By the way, you will see that Victoria Pile has made it into the Guardian Media Top 100 and it says there that she has 'a formidable reputation for recognising talent'. That's you, that is. I think you should blame advertising her appearance.

james henry said...

I want them to bring out a commemorative set of Top Trumps.

Imo said...

quote: I slightly snotted myself :quote

Do you think you should go to the Doctor, there may be a nostril strengthing excercise you could do, so as to avoid this terrible affliction in the future.

realdoc said...

I was going to do an Adam and Joe style GW with my daughter's sylvanian families as my radiologist other half brought home a model CT scanner. I think Alan would be a badger but haven't got any further

By the way snotting yourself on the train is an excellent way to spread viruses.

kitcat said...

Ooh I'm the same. Well, I still like Death Cab but they can get pretty dreary and don't really stand out. The Postal Service on the overhand, I love! It's not madness.

leonie said...

crashed by celery?

Orb said...

Realdoc: that would be truly wonderful. Do it, do it, do it.

James: I always knew you widdled all over that Bronte tart when it came to writing. "Reader, I slightly snotted myself" proves it beyond doubt.

Bet you'd beat her at arm-wrestling, too.

Orb said...

Had to leave another comment purely on the strength of the new word verification on offer:


Minor character in the Moomins books? Finnish laminate flooring company? The noise you make when you are pounced on by a lion in the middle of eating a nice bowl of rice pudding?

Jen said...

I'm going to London for the first time ever next Wednesday. Guess what I'm doing?

I'm only doing the BBC Proms. I'm quite excited. I'm in Prom 20 with the National Youth Choir of Scotland. July 29th. Watch me. :-)

Button said...

hey Realdoc,

I have a Playmobile operating theatre!
And sylvanians.
And a barbie campervan.

Erm in the attic

We could make an entire episode between us.

realdoc said...

buttons because her dad is a radiologist my daughter has already a whole sylvanian xray dept. I'm ready as soon as James will write me a script