Thursday, February 05, 2009

Then three Messiahs come along at once.

I can't find any verification for this, but apparently, one of the few charming responses to the whole 'There's probably no God' atheist bus slogan thing is a poster outside a church in Hammersmith, with a sign reading:

"There's probably no bus, so why not come inside and get warm"

Which is terribly sweet. Rather pleasing to be reminded that a sizeable proportion of religious people are perfectly pleasant, and actually rather funny.

My grandad used to have regular debates with the Bishop of Truro (ooh get me and my name-dropping) over whether he was a unconvinced Christian, or a lapsed atheist. I think by the end of it, my grandad had decided he probably did believe in some kind of divine being, but the Bishop had handed in his notice, and was running a small humanist centre in St. Agnes.*

All of which weak whimsy just goes to prove I'm not really doing anything at the moment, other than idly arsing about between meetings.

*Not actual truth.


Anonymous said...

Our local church used to have a sign up saying "like Tesco, we are also open on Sundays".

You have to love church humour!

ScroobiousScrivener said...

That's delightful. Now to scour Hammersmith for photographic evidence...

Vicus Scurra said...

I am firmly of the view that discussions about religion and humour do not mix, and avoid both.

kaiki said...

i too have spoken to the bishop of truro on several occasions (i tend to attend a lot of christenings*) about religion and he always struck me as a charming, erudite and well versed man, which surprised me because at the time i was telling him i was agnostic, and he seemed genuinely interested by it.

*christenings of young family members, not random ones i just happened upon, like some kind of christenophile.

Fat Roland said...

I guess I would count as a religious person, even though I'm not very religious, but I am quite actively involved with a church community in Manchester. The athiest bus campaign is a great idea, because it gets people talking about god / no-god, so Christians should be bally well thankful.

In a rare nod to the Christian right, however, I strongly opposed Jerry Springer The Opera. But only because I abhor opera.

james henry said...

And rightly so.

*waits to be told off by cello*