Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling all pre-school animation writers...

I'm doing a workshop on Wednesday Tuesday (oops) about script layout, and was looking for a few variations on the standard Final Draft look. I've got a Shaun the Sheep script, which is useful, as it lays out a full animation script in a way that doesn't require dialogue, but all my old animation scripts for Bob The Builder and the like (which are laid out more like radio drama scripts) were wiped three hard drive crashes ago.

Anyone got any old (or new, I guess) animation scripts as pdfs they wouldn't mind me using?


Okay, here's an early draft of friend-of-the-blog Todd Allcott's ANTZ

Also Toy Story

Still looking for television animation though...

NEW UPDATE: aha, we have a lead! Should be able to put the script up here after the lecture, thanks Ori.


Neil said...

Afraid I don't, but animation is fedinately something I'm interested in. Any chance you'd be able to send me any if I gave you my e-mail?

In terms of animation, I know you can get the TOY STORY one online. Not pre-school, but useful?


james henry said...

The Shaun the Sheep one I can't send out until the episode goes out, I'm afraid, although I reckon I can get away with it in the workshop for educational purposes.

Hmm, hadn't thought of Toy Story, or had ruled out Pixar because I think their stuff gets developed via storyboards rather than scripts, although a bit more research might be worth it in that area.

Any interesting stuff I find online between now and the workshop, I'll link to on this post, how about that?

Neil said...

When the Shaun ep goes out, I'd really appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of the script.

Having looked at Joss Whedon's Toy Story script, it seems almost exactly like any other screenplay.

Thanks for the help, James. Look forward to finding more animation scripts :)

Mike said...
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Mike said...

I've got an early draft of a pilot script for Aardman's "Angry Kid" that I could send you, but it's not pre-school. Any use?

james henry said...

Cheers, but I think I'm going to be okay with what I've managed to get off the internet now - I fact, I may even go with a couple of non-animation scripts, just to show the same format will cover all different formats. Thanks though!

Sweetie Shop Lady said...

just emailed you Pinky and Perky - Harry Trotter has aired but Bad Mood hasn't so if you want to do use Harry Trotter. x

Anonymous said...


I enjoy writing my own short animation scripts and I have been looking on the internet for examples of short animation scripts and not had much luck as I want to see if what I am doing is correct!!

Would it be possible to have a copy of the shaun the sheep one that you have written?

Many thanks,

P.s. Do find your blog a great read!

james henry said...

Sent, although check your junk mail, as my main email address smells bad, apparently.