Friday, November 09, 2007

Sorry again

(the previous post was getting a bit unwieldy, so I thought I'd split it into two)

Hello and thanks to everyone who turned to my 'TV to Screen' talk today and for asking interesting questions and not minding me wibbling on all over the shop. And swearing a bit. And pulling what can only be described as a 'mong face' at one point, I apologise again for that. And for just using the phrase 'mong face'. And those bands I recommended at the very end bit, for the benefit of everyone else, were 'The National', 'Vampire Weekend' and I think 'Annuals'. Put their names into Hype Machine (linky down to the right), you will not be disappointed.

And hello to Faye and Joe, who used me as interviewing practice, you were both very gentle, I barely felt a thing. Will, I shall doubtless catch up with you the week after next.


Jayne said...

You think we can't handle unwieldy? We're multitalented - we can handle anything.

Well, maybe not dragons...

Maria said...

Great talk
Just thought I'd mention that although I like historical romance drama I'd really rather write an episode of Shaun the Sheep or Green Wing. Preferred the first series by the way. Walked down the street, with my daughter, at the Edinburgh Festival 2 years ago, following Green Wing actors and pretending we were with them - sad moment but fun.
All the best

Sylvia said...

So who had the nicest bum, then, Maria?

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.....

Glad it all went well for you and that there were no fat middle aged women in green tops asking daft questions.

Oli said...

Howdy. I was, apparently, the only non student there, but far too scared to identify myself as such under the weight of such heady academia. Plus I figured everyone else knew where the fire exits were, I'd just follow/trample the students if need be.

Thanks for the D&D and Warcraft analogies, for answering my questions, and for the mong face. Much fun was had by all.