Friday, July 08, 2005

Research/Wasting Time

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Found this photo while going through Google Images, looking for inspiring piccies to have on the screen background, which I liked very much, as it strikes me as the sort of thing Gary the winged monkey out of the Cabinet might do himself. Don't know the name of the photographer though, so apologies for not including it.

Ooh, it's complicated having two agents. And if this reads like Elton John writing a warning editorial about what to do with one's gold-plated bath taps when one moves out: yes, I know, sorry. But everyone should be aspiring to having two agents, so think of this as a dispatch from the gritty frontline, thirty seconds into the future. Or something.

Agent Ginny, you see, covers the dramatic rights side of my media empire: the sitcoms, the animated serieseses, the many many films and the inevitable stageplays. When Toy-Fu On Ice gets produced, I guess she'll be covering that as well.

Agent Sarah (technically Agent Sarah In Waiting, as there's a lot of legal stuff to untangle) covers the media publishing wing of my empire, which of course has overlap complications: who deals with the Toy-Fu On Ice spinoff novelisation, for example? When the Viking Heist Trilogy (do you see what I did there?) gets made into a boardgame, who's going to have the joy of spending all night on the phone to Mrs Mattel? It's all very tricky. But at the same time, technically... technically two women are fighting over me, which is great*.

Also, if I don't finish The Cabinet, Agent Sarah In Waiting is going to get bored of Waiting, and wander off. So maybe I should spend less time wittering on the blog and go and get on with it.

I will just say however, that PP and I are going to see Sigur Ros on Sunday, and hopefully I'll be sticking around Our Fine Capital City (unaccustomed swell of pride and affection for previously-merely-tolerated group of buildings and grumpy people, to misquote the Onion, projected to last about another forty-eight hours) for a few days to pitch in on the Green Wing DVD commentary.

And onto the real news: the newspaper stand round the corner from me had the fabulous splash: 'The Bushes - What's Going On In Them?' which made me laugh for about an hour. My money's on monsters, but then it usually is.

*I know they both read this occasionally, so yes, okay, I know you're not really. But I like the idea.


Mummy/Crit said...

Oooohh, when is 'Toy-fu on ice' due down under? Can I get advance tickets? You know I'll be there.

As for the bushes, I'd put my money on spiders. Big hairy ones, or the nasty red-backish ones that jumped on to Romana's face in last night's episode of Dr Who...

Orb said...

Could the newspaper stand be a reference to the mental processes of a certain demented president's immediate family?

The general excellence of the winged monkey thing made me read the Curious Cabinet all the way to the end for the first time just now. Boy, does it get substantially more fabulous after chapter one... Nice one, James.

Maybach has an H, though. Not that I'm a geek or anything, and if anyone says otherwise I'll panic, throw my anorak at you and run away in an uncoordinated fashion. That'll show ya.

james henry said...

Ah, that's good to know - always happy to have mistakes pointed out. I'm reworking chaps 2 and 3 now - not massively, but so it's a bit less telling and a bit more showing. Then I can really crack on with it.

It is a brilliant stencil thing though, isn't it?

smoo2 said...

Ooh, glad the GW dvd is coming along. Hope you've thought of some witty repostes and humorous anecdotes to share with us all!

I think having two agents is just boasting....!

james henry said...

It's totally boasting, yes. I'm sure the excitement will wear off soon though.

Wyndham said...

When you do the Viking Heist movie I do hope you're going to call it Odin's 11.

james henry said...


And a big gold star. Full marks to wyndham. I am so gutted I didn't think of that...