Monday, September 12, 2011

Lana Del Ray - 'Blue Jeans'

Good LORD do I like this song (via the Guardian's Tim Lusher). I only hope her plain looks don't count against her, the music industry can be a harsh place.

EDIT: annoying, the video's off the side a bit, and altering the 'width' bit in HTML doesn't seem to help.


Michael Cook said...

Perhaps they'll get her a body double, like Milli Vanilli, so she can get over her obvious image issues. Or a bag on her head.

Rebecca said...

I like Video Game even more.

But, yeah, pretty much all of her stuff rocks.

Michele R. Strub said...

the chorus kind of reminds me of Chris Isaak's "I Want To Fall In Love"

Annie said...

I love her too! How come everybody isn't going mental about her yet? Or maybe it's just beginning. Video Games is my favourite.