Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lego Universe Trailer

For the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Game. No idea what the game will be like, but this is one of the most weirdly epic game trailers I have ever seen. And the 'swoosh' noise and bullet-time effects as the little sets construct themselves are just perfect.


Boz said...

...admit it you like it because of the ninjas.

Although this is a genius idea. You can literally get away with anything plot contrivance in the Lego universe, and it would make perfect sense.


Marauding medieval hoardes discover plans for futuristic spacestation on the battlefield. Next job: find mythical pirate crystal on alien moon to power up weaponry.


LC said...

Dammit. There are too many top looking games and not enough time. I wish I was unemployed.

Eleanor said...

It looks amazing! ... But like WOW I shall resist.