Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rosie and the Goldbug

It's all a bit faffy at the moment, with various projects that are fun, but at too early a stage to blog about really (and all the 'OMG Secret Project!' stuff gets a bit tiresome quite soon, I've discovered) so here's the video for 'Heartbreak' from Rosie and the Goldbug Who, I was pleased to discover, are from here in Cornwall. And not, as you could reasonably expect, some kind of turgid rock outfit. Up until now, my understanding of the Cornwall music scene has been that it's 95% dull wuuurghrock (Reef, those other bands), and 5% weirdo electronic genius (Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert*), so it's nice to see some stripey-tighted goth-tinged arty electropop in the mix.

* Who used to be in either Five Minute Fashion, or Peppercorn Rent, both of whom I used to see up at Victor Drago's, near Pendennis Castle, where I had my first and only joint. I was quite sick, although I still maintain that was because I've never smoked, so it was just the tobacco really. I did have some hash cakes for my nineteenth birthday, aces they were. Thus concludes Blue Cat: The Drug Years.


will said...

Have you heard Krena yet? They're the cornish band who sing in cornish.

They're taking being misunderstood teenagers to a whole new level

james henry said...

Hmm, much as the Cornish language looks good on a signpost (lots of 'Skol's and 'Goth's, which can make the most minor shopping expedition feel like a trip to Mordor), I'm not sure how well that would work in a singy sort of way. I shall investigate.

Anonymous said...

You absolute Renton!

p.s. Word verification is 'polylik'. Sounds parroty and wrong!