Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Random Things (updated):

Gareth May, off of last year's Professional Writing course at Falmouth, has set up a website to show those most confused of all things, the young 21st century male how things should be done, from which newspapers are which, to Wakeboarding: a How and Why. It is worth a look.

'Tiger' Tim Warren, also of the Professional Writing MA, is now blogging professionally over at THE WORLD'S GREATEST TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE BLOG The Root Of The Matter.

ALSO: go and say hello to Lisa Prior at Peckham2Paris.

And Dave has been a bit down of late, so all comments are probably welcome.

The Trailer to 'War Inc.', John Cusack's 'spiritual sequel to Grosse Point Blank' is now up, thusly:

It looks good. And slightly odd. But definitely good.


patroclus said...

Yes, The (Mighty) Root of the Matter could easily have BoingBoing in a fight, any day of the week. Except for Sundays when new Time Team is on.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

*Growls at BoingBoing*

Er, wait, which blog identity am I using today?

Oh, never mind.

So, um, yeah: "professionally"? Are you sure?

Lisa Prior said...

Hi James,
thanks for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog. And for the podcasting directions. You are the lead story in today's blog. More to the point I am actually here not so much as to thank you, but to sponge off some of your vast readership by getting my URL on your blog. No doubt you will be notified of this attempt when your manservant delivers you stack of comments to be moderated along with a pressed newspaper.

patroclus said...

We have a manservant? I thought that was just a false cupboard!

Dave said...

Thank you for your kind link. Visitor numbers have quadrupled already.

Jayne said...

John Cusack *sigh* Can't wait. (well, clearly I can but you know what I mean).

Fat Roland said...

I hope the false cupboard references run and run - it makes me snigger every time.