Friday, April 18, 2008

Finest Comedy Minds Of A Generation


A group of writers, some writer/actors and a producer are gathered together for a nice chat.

ME: ... and we're having the scan next week, so we can tell what it'll be.
PRODUCER: You mean like whether it's going to be an elf or a pixie?
ME: Ha ha ha. (explains) She's saying that because I live in Cornwall.
PRODUCER: Or a leprechaun.
ME: Hmm.
PRODUCER: Or one of those talking tree things from Lord of the Rings.
ME: An Ent?
PRODUCER: What's an Ent?
ROB: A posh insect that only hangs around really expensive picnics.
ME: ...

ROB, by the way, is currently starring in a PC World advert, with a family WHICH IS NOT HIS REAL FAMILY, pretending to care how much he spends on computers ROB DOES NOT CARE HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON COMPUTERS.

I just think people should be warned, that's all.


cello said...

I had noticed him - and that it wasn't his real family - (tsk fiction, eh?), and wondered whether I should email to congratulate him on his support of the advertising model that funds so much worthwhile commercial TV.

Then I thought,"Naw, fuck it".

He is obviously wasted and should be writing the PC World scripts.

patroclus said...

I've heard the 'real' Rob uses a Mac *gasp*

patroclus said...

Oh btw cello, you'll be happy to hear that the lovely James and I availed ourselves of Halfords' services the other day as a DIRECT RESULT of having seen the Halfords ad supporting quality content (probably Time Team) on commercial TV.

james henry said...

"he is obviously wasted"


james henry said...

And actually yes, I did go to Halfords because of the advert (car headlight bulb had blown the day before long drive to nearly-london) and no-one else was open.

And the bloke (Dominic) did an excellent job, mended the thing whilst listening to me whinging about the three month warranty on the car running out the week before with every appearance of genuine sympathy, and then gave me a manly punch on the arm on the way out.

READER, I NEARLY CRIED (it was quite a hard punch, lol rofl ahahhahahaha etc)

Ooh, tea's ready.

Paws said...

James, I'm terrified by your rofling.

My friend's Mother tried to pronounce rofl once. It came out as 'What's he Row-fulling on?'

james henry said...

I've never typed 'rofl' before. I'll be honest, it didn't feel good.

chatterbox said...

I thought I must have been hallucinating when I saw one of those ads. I feel much better now, so thank you.

Sylvia said...

Never mind the ads - what's going on in that office? Where's the follow on from GW? I'm getting desperate here - Friday evening, 10pm, I'm wandering about the house, waiting for something to happen.
Forget the cozy dinners in Brick Lane - Get writing!

Stevyn Colgan said...

Pixie? Pixie? For us Cornish people it's a Pisky surely? Great blog!

james henry said...

That's why it's annoying. She also believes elves and goblins are the same thing.