Monday, February 12, 2007

Hot Fuzz: new trailer

It's magic, it doesn't give anything away, and it's here. Via Twitch.

The Nose-Scar (a Tale of Destiny) story will be tomorrow, I was busy today.


Jen said...

Thought I'd mention; I SAW HOT FUZZ ON MONDAY.

With Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the cinema with me. And Tyres from Spaced offered my sister and I some of the free popcorn. Simon and Nick are very cuddly.

Hot Fuzz will freeze your eyes, it's so bloody cool. It (and I find it hard to say) beats Shaun hands down.

violetforthemoment said...

Two guns called The Twins. Awesome. I'm going to see this on Wednesday. Thanks for the link James.

belladona said...

Guns with names. Top stuff. Has anyone seen Hellsing? I got it over the weekend and gobbled the whole thing up. It's full of gun fetishising. Though quite possibly it has less jokes than Hot Fuzz. Though more people-with-holes-in-them than Shaun of the Dead. I think, I haven't obssesively counted. Yet.

Nicole said...

It doesn't hit theaters until March 13 in the US.

It's just



Jane said...

I couldn't be more excited. And I have a babysitter!!!!! Yay, first trip to the cinema since we saw, oh I don't know, Citizen Kane???

OK, it's only been 10 months, but still... and I'M SO EXCITED!!!

WV is fvdzictc, which sort of sounds how I feel... fizzy and frantic... golly, I need a life.

kirsten said...

I need to watch Hot Fuzz ASAP. Sadly, I don't see it anywhere in NZ. Damn.

Matt Everitt said...

There are some genius moments in there.
The film wasn't quite what i was expecting which is rare in the movies these days.

And the final act is bl**dy brilliant.


baggiebird said...

I'm off to see this at the weekend. Can't wait it looks stella

Imo said...

Am going to see this on Friday *bounces with excitment* with my friend and the husband is babysitting. Can't wait to see where the Swan comes into it.

Helen said...

I need to see this, as soon as possible!