Tuesday, February 02, 2010

There's always room for more stuff about zombies

Particularly in this style of CGI animation, although I should say it is a teensy bit goreish:

Project is called A.D. More info


Nathaniel Tapley said...

That's lovely.

And may I take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the zombie thing we made recently: http://bit.ly/6pqTUm ? May I? May I?

Because I just did.

I'd also suggest checking out the other episodes in the podcast Archive (particularly the Christmas ghosty one), for all your comedy-horror-guest-starring-beppe-off-eastenders needs.

I am a rancid old whore.

Magz said...

Very nice! Can never have enough zombie whacking action!

james henry said...

Hmm, I replied to this before, but it seems to have vanished.

Nate: I do have your podcast thing on my list, will get round to the actual listening soon, promise.

Magz: Exactly.