Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Anyone hasn't seen the first episode should go over to iPlayer now, because Miranda Hart's new sitcom 'Miranda' is a thing of complete loveliness.

Miranda Ep.1 - 'Date'

It's also a smashing old-fashioned sitcom of the kind I didn't think they made any more - and frankly the sort of stuff that normally gets done really badly - lots of looks to camera, laughter track, bits shot outside - and yet it works really well, possibly because there's a lot of sharpness amongst the cosiness that stops it nudging into something like 'My Family'. Also lots of proper pratfulls, which are a hard thing to do well. I've never even tried.

Miranda wrote the thing herself, as well, so kudos all over the shop, frankly.

PS: I was trying to find her 'I've got a castle' bit from Smack The Pony, but can only find one that's, er less appropriate. Still, here's the (NSFW) video:

'Miranda' is on BBC Two, 8:30pm Mondays.


Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, I loved it too. I get the feeling that the script, plot, production was all superfluous - she is just really good fun and it didn't matter about the rest. Very strange.

Mr Simon Allen... said...

I recently Sky plussed all the Smack the Ponys. Or is it ponies, hmmmm? Ponys I think as the thing that we're making plural is the entire object "Smack the Pony" rather than the individual ponies, isn't it? Actually, as I type this I'm growing increasingly uncertain - could you clarify please, James? Anyway, I recently Sky plussed (or +d or +'d?) various episodes of, um, the show you helped write and thought it a very fine thing indeed! Campus was good too - bravo Sir!

Danny Stack said...

Very charming and funny, indeed. Really enjoyed it.

There was one small but brilliant moment when Miranda comes into the wedding shop, and the shop assistant (Josie D'arby) turns to her and says: Hello, sir.

It was doubly sweet 'cos the plot was playing on her manly size all through the ep.

Boz said...

I loved it! And it was really tightly plotted. I was totally smitten from the opening monologue to camera. Lovely is definitely the word. And extremely funny.

I saw her at a Writers Room event thing in London last night, where she was interviewed about it. AND SHE WAS LOVELY.

James Henry said...

I know her a little bit in what I believe is called 'real life', and can confirm her utter loveliness there also. Aww, I hope this becomes a big hit, she really deserves it.

starcourse said...

I agree, it was brilliant. I also love the way in which she boomerangs little gags (eg "filling up private space") that then come back and hit you later on.

Imo said...

This is so good. I laughed out loads, and I can't remember doing that since GW days.

I really admire the way she falls over, and Patricia Hodge as the mother is brilliant.

Can't wait for the next installment.

Ellie said...

Thanks for recommending the show, James -- I loved it!

Miranda is fantastic.

But I think she's being patronised a bit.

James Henry said...

Really? By who?

Mel said...

I will preface this comment by saying that I've always found Miranda hilarious as an actress in the past.

I'm surprised so many people liked it - I thought it was shocking. I hated the asides to camera and the pratfalls, and does she have any more jokes than "I look a bit blokeish"?

It all felt rather self-loathing to me.

James Henry said...

There is an interesting thing that a lot of women seem to think they have to be, at best, self-deprecating, to get anywhere (see Jo Brand, Tina Fey, okay, that's only two).

Yeah, I'm hoping she got a lot of that out of the way in the first one, because I agree it can go too far.

heh - asides to camera and pratfall are, done well, my favourite things. But I know a lot of people HATE them with the power of a thousand burning suns.

Ellie said...

I think there's some cases in which more women than men are self-deprecating for comic effect because it's more "controversial"/unexpected of women to make fun of themselves than men (because of the traditional, hackneyed pressure put on women to look a certain way etc. etc. boring etc.). So like old people swearing or explicitly dirty jokes, it's an easy way to get a laugh.

(That said, obviously there's plenty of self-deprecating funnymen and plenty of big-headed funnywomen)

Power Kraut said...

I love this. I love the all the slapstick, and I guess I sympathise with the tall wide woman chip on her shoulder. But overall, I just think the hwole thing is very charming. It's refreshing to actually laugh rather than just cringe (Office, Nighty Night) at a comedy programme. That said, I made my friends watch it the other day and I think they hated it.

Also, that thing where she gets carried out of the restaurant - excellent.