Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I think work might actually be bad for you.

As if deliberately adding to the list of embarrassing things she likes to shout out in public my daughter has a new catchall word for food in the biscuit/cake/muffin arena. It is this:


And then the increasingly intense "TITS! TITS!"

So we haven't been to Caffe Nero for a bit. Still, meeting other dads on the way to nursery is fun, as we're now moving beyond going 'cuh' at each other, and I got into a conversation with one dad today during which it turned out he used to be a Soho-based director (not like that), which lead to a discussion on how you balance a self-employed creative type job with having a small child. OH YES PENRYN IS THE NEW CHISWICK.

DAD: You must be like me, spend a lot of time working until three in the morning just to get some peace.
ME: Oh god yes.

Two minutes later, after we have said our goodbyes.

ME: (quietly, to self) I don't even work past three in the afternoon.


Vicus Scurra said...

Gis a job.

Valerie Polichar said...

I believe you should have great pride in the fact you've clearly retained sanity in the face of impossibility.

Unlike that poor sod who imagines he's actually going to get any work done for the next two years.

James Henry said...

Vicus - you wouldn't have much to do.

Valerie - I don't think you move down to Cornwall if you're planning to *up* your productivity, to be honest...

Rosie said...

Live in Spain. If you make any type of movement people think you are hard at work...and parents never look after their children, that's granny's job.

Tim F said...

My seven-year-old niece has started wandering around intoning the word "Hebrew". Not as embarrassing as "Tits", maybe, but still a bit weird.