Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My laptop done gone

UPDATE: just discovered Patroclus' knackered old laptop from downstairs is also missing. Now narrowed it down to sometime in the last two weeks, which makes me wonder if 1) one of the previous occcupants' lodgers still has a key, and 2) they took advantage of everyone in Falmouth and Penryn going into town to see the Red Arrows the other day. Hmm, lock-changing time, I think.

Just realised that the laptop in my downstairs office, which I use mostly for accounts rather than exciting creative thing, has gone missing sometime in the last two weeks. I was clinging to the hope that I'd just moved it somewhere and forgotten, but now I'm running out of places to look.

Thing is, Patroclus and the Blue Kitten and I are home, or at least two out of the three of us are, almost all the time, so if someone did come in and nick it, they must have done so at night. Eurgh, it's horrible to think about, and most un-Cornish-like. Anyway, people have been kind enough to retweet my mention of this already, but if a white Powerbook (without power lead) has been hawked about at carboots or dodgy pubs in the Falmouth/Penryn/West Cornwall area in general, it may well be mine.

*feels rather vexed and let down in general*

In baby news, there is currently no baby news, as child 2 appears to be taking his own sweet time to arrive and we must respect this, and not let any irritation show until he is about fifteen, when we can suddenly ban him from going to that really important party for apparently no reason. REVENGE.


Valerie said...

Ugh, I hate the incredible sinking feeling I get when something like this has happened.

I did once find I'd slid my laptop under the sofa to get it out of the way when doing something violent with large heavy boxes. I don't suppose something so simple's at the bottom of this one.

Best of luck with the laptop. I know child #2 is just holding off until I finish his new waistcoat. I think this happened last time. I'll knit faster.

Boz said...

Might well be time to urge on the side of caution. Police any joy? How boring and aggravating for you all. Horrid when someone comes into your personal space.

James Henry said...

It is a bit horrible, although looks like it was an opportunistic thing and they were probably only in house for a matter of seconds, so could have been much worse.

Devon and Cornwall police have been lovely - confusing london-based-Patroclus, who I think expects to be arrested and thrown down some stairs at any moment, then fitted up on terrorism charges.

James Henry said...

Also, Valerie: 'waistcoat'? HURRAH!

Nicole said...

Yikes. That is very not cool. Although I commiserate (especially since I'm a student and a writer, so my life is doubly wrapped up in my laptop), the real reason I want to comment is:

"...not let any irritation show until he is about fifteen, when we can suddenly ban him from going to that really important party for apparently no reason. REVENGE"

Thank you! It all makes sense now.

Loving The Cabinet of Curiosities.

James Henry said...

Yes, a lot of things may parents did or said are starting to make sense now.

p.s aww, that's always nice to hear, thanks.

Oli said...

How rubbish. Break ins are horribly creepy, even without the loss of property. Hope it turns up.

Vaguely related: Last night I went to investigate a noise, and armed myself with the heaviest thing I had to hand: 3rd edition Monster Manual. Which would be enough to terrify any burglar.

pserean said...

im utterly confounded. i cant imagine someone coming in to ONLY take the laptop. amazing.

(sorry. im south african)

p.s hope you find it soon!

Tim Footman said...

The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary nearly arrested me once for possession of multi-vitamins, but they were very polite about it.