Monday, April 26, 2010

Stan Freberg: "Yellow Rose of Texas"

For no particular reason, other than I couldn't find my "Best of Stan Freberg" CD, so found this on YouTube, and then the CD turned up. It's not a great story, and there's no video, just the audio, but man I do still love this song.

"I feel like, volume-wise, it's just a little much, what you're doing there".


Fat Roland said...

I 'preciated that.

Henry Dandelion said...

Wow...I don't de-lurk much but that name's a real blast from the past. The Old Payola Roll Blues was one of my favourites when I was a boy.

James Henry said...

Always nice to see de-lurkers, hello!

Freburg's 'Banana Boat Song (Day-O)' used to be on the radio about once a week when I was very small, and I remember giggling hysterically to it every time (I'm looking forwards to Daughter being old enough to appreciate it in the same way). However, it's only recently I started looking up his back catalogue, and there's some great stuff there. I highly recommend his 'best of' CD.

ScroobiousScrivener said...

Ooh another Freburg fan! I grew up with these, my dad had a couple of records and I could repeat a number of them pretty much verbatim even now.

*heads off to track down best of*

Eleanor said...

I think I may need to get that Best Of. :)