Saturday, February 07, 2009

Atheist bus slogan generator

Woo hoo!

I wanted to have "And Dangermouse Was His Prophet", but there wasn't room, which was probably for the best.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Pob used to scare the bejesus out of me.

As did the entire cast of Bod.

I was a feeble child.

DM I could cope with, though. I fact, I increasingly find myself exclaiming "Good grief!" these days, so I like to think a little bit of that little one-eyed crime-fighter has rubbed off on me.

But not in a mucky way or that.

Unknown said...

I...ah...couldn't resist.


James Henry said...

It was the Diddymen that scared me. I had a Ken Dodd album (the book rather than an LP) when I was young, and it may have been the single scariest volume I have ever read.

That's odd, Fat Roland's comment seems to have disappeared.

Anyway yes, I think the bus campaign has the right tone, although the 'probably' would seem to make it agnostic rather than atheistic?

Maud said...

Marvellous stuff. Here's my attempt.

Incidentally, they wanted it to be "There's no God" but the advertising standards agency wouldn't let that through, as it is not a provable truth. Which is why it's a little bit shocking that this was let through.

James Henry said...

Yes, that's odd. I'm glad "There's no God" wasn't allowed, because that's a bit smug and annoying. But yeah, doesn't make sense that "There Definitely Is A God" was allowed, does it?

How about "There Definitely Is A Bob"?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've done one. Apologies if it's a bit of a fresh wound to be prodding with satirical bus slogans. It's meant from the heart...

My Bus

Anonymous said...

Ad's don't have to be OK'd by the ASA before they are published (unless the advertiser is a serial breaker of the rules, in which case they might be told to get them pre-vetted). Usually the way it works is that you publish your ad, people complain to the ASA, and then the ASA makes a judgement. My guess is that the people behind the atheist ad used the ASA's copy advice service before they published so that when complaints were made they weren't likely to be upheld. Conversley, I think the Christian Party are probably knowingly breaching the code so that when their ad is banned they can get free publicity and whine about unequal treatment, lack of freedom of speech, etc. (NB It's fine to express an opinion in an ad that there definitely is a God, just so long as you make clear that it is your opinion, and don't claim that it is fact.)

Romeo Morningwood said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You

..and I yought that I'd be bored tonight..pffft

How many "D'UH? Clapton IS God" banners do you think we'll encounter?

Dave said...

As an act of God managed to achieve what the Luftwaffe couldn't, and stopped the buses running in london, we may have heard his satirical opinion on the ad campaign.

Boz said...

There is something really satisfying about the three line format. Bish, bash, bosh. Pleasing.

Tim Clague said...

James, I hope you saw my own film made about similar topic only a few weeks before.

Anonymous said...

"God is a concept by which we measure our drains" - Milford Crabtree

Stef the engineer said...

I used to live next door to the man who made Dangermouse (Brian Cosgrove.) When I was little I was babysat by them, and played with the Chorlton and the Wheelies models in his attic studio.
I don't think Dangermouse is God, but Penfold might be.
Ludicrous claim to fame number 325