Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blue Cat Blog Meet 2008: The Post-Match Analysis:

1. Boz is surprisingly chiselled in real life.
2. Jayne is v. slinky with great hair.
3. Billy looks as good as ever.
4. We all drank too much.
5. Ow my head.


Jayne said...

Slinky? Is your spellchecker playing up again?

Mine too. In fact those red streaks in my hair are now disguising the fact that my brain is dribbling out of my ears.

patroclus said...

I've got a headache, and I wasn't even there. Clearly it was The Most Rock'n'Roll Blogmeet Ever.

Anonymous said...

That was the drunkest I've been in quite some time.

Had a lot of fun though.

*unsure whether to mention the fact that I wasn't recognised at first, clearly I'm not as famous as I think I am*

James Henry said...

Well I did recognize you, just not as... yourself. Instead I thought you were someone I hadn't met yet.
In my defence, I'd already started drinking.

Boz said...

Thing is. We were drunk. But really sober with it.*

(Apart from my awful hiccup curing technique which is REALLY SHAMING if it doesn't work - Soz Jayne...!)

Huge fun! Patroclus - perhaps we'll meet you next time?

* Ohhhhh shush.....

Jayne said...

I don't know what you're talking about Boz. Ahem.

However, ending up on the pavement underneath a very heavy wheelie bin, arms and legs waving feebly like an overturned beetle, certainly would have cured any hiccups. If I'd had them...