Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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While I try to line up the script editor interview, here are the earlier Q&A sessions from this here blog:

Agent: Matt Connell
Children's Writer: Alex Williams
Composer: Garry Judd

Other people I'll be trying to get some goddam answers from at some point: Producer, Lighting Person, Director, Professional Killer.

ALSO: ooh, 'Survivors' trailer! Ninety minute opening episode goes out, I believe, 23rd November.


Boz said...

Not to add to your list, but I've always wondered how continuity people do what they do. Do they still have continuity people? Am I actually about ten years behind the times?

WV: Relanico. I am totally falling back in love with Blogger..

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about Survivor after seeing that trailer. It just looks like a couple of people whingeing in a car park and/or forest. Course, my speakers aren't plugged in, so I may have missed some of the more subtle undertones.

James Henry said...

Heh, yes that's a fair point. For my part though, I'm quite pleased the trailer-makers have taken that approach rather than trying to big it up as an I Am Legend-style post apoc romp.

James Henry said...

boz - sorry, got distracted, yes, continuity people still exist - the few filmings I've been to have always had a girl with a clipboard and a polaroid camera darting about. At least I assume she was continuity. Perhaps she was just a loony.

Stevyn Colgan said...

Survivors is a weird choice for the BBC to resurrect isn't it? I'm old and wrinkly enough to remember the original series and it was pretty good. Being 1970s BBC (i.e. No budget) it concentrated on the people rather than the effects so we got a very drama-led John Wyndham-esque type story. Since then, of course, there's been any number of post-apocalyptic survivor stories (28 Days Later, The Last Train, That goddam awful remake of The Omega Man etc.), all of which have been pretty awful or required zombies to lift them out of the doldrums. If the Beeb can keep the spirit of the 70s series and concentrate on the survivors' stories rather than fall for mad special effects or silly storylines, I'll be a happy bunny. We know that the Beeb can get it right. I hope it does this time.

James Henry said...

Actually, I've had a sneaky peek at the early drafts at some of the scripts, and it's definitely character-based. There's almost no special effects at all, in terms of I AM LEGEND or things like that, so it's very much in the spirit of the original.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt in that case, car park based whinging aside. The BBC are the only broadcaster who'd take the risk (and sadly, it IS a risk) of focusing on characters an' that, instead of just cramming it full of monsters and mutant dogs with arses for faces. Here's hoping it pays off.

Quite enjoyed Dead Set, mind you, even if it didn't quite reach the heights I'd hoped it would. The scene with the producer chopping the body to pieces while scolding the contestants for their lack of work ethic was solid gold TV, though.

realdoc said...

With Survivors I seem to remember the first few shows being gripping but then it sorted drifted off into crop rotation and animal husbandry. Maybe that was something else, I always get it confused with Threads which was bloody scary

Boz said...

Are saying that post-apocalyptism was the new black, but has now become a bit behind the times? Is whimsy the new gay? Is utopia the new safe for us modernites?

Yay! Hooray for continuity people! A friend worked in wardrobe and was once responsible for leetting someone get into a car in one outfit, and magically stepping out of it in another one entirely.

And no one seemed to notice.