Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Never, ever, under any circumstances, cast an actor unless they've appeared in Green Wing."

I liked this: How To Be A Commissioning Editor, off the E4 site.

Also liked: "Remember, the secret of comedy is not writing or performances. It's about having great meetings." So, so true.


Anonymous said...

Shucks that's me out then, I never could carry off the dungaree look.

Denis Faye said...

That's probably why I'm so baffled by some of the sold scripts I read. Was that supposed to be funny? TO whom, exactly?

James Henry said...

Mmm, part of my backing-away-from-comedy thing was one too many meetings with commissioners who said something along the lines of 'I like your script, but don't feel passionately about it'. Which is fair enough. Until you find out they just commissioned a new series of something like 'Balls of Steel'.

So you felt passionately about that?