Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Charlie Brooker's Dead Set

Mmm, zombies. I'm a sucker for the 'small group of survivors gazing out over a ruined landscape' shot (although it did take me a while to realise you have to click on the eye to get the teaser trailer).


LC said...

*squirms and bounces in his chair like an over-excited puppy*

That looks great.

James Henry said...

It's certainly a lot bigger budget that I was expecting. Nastier too. Hurrah!

Boz said...

It does look good. Although as I am at work this is all I can say as I watched it with the sound off.

Very exciting though. Hee heee!

Oli said...

I have often said that everything's better with zombies. Including Big Brother. One of those "Shit, I wish I thought of that" ideas.

Anonymous said...

When does this start airing? Very curious to check it out ... No Heroics, too. Any other recommendations for the coming season, oh mighty writer-man?

James Henry said...

Hello Todd!

I assume it starts in a couple of weeks, when the timer runs out - although it seems to have gone up since I last looked, which is controversial.

Some tiny clips of the Survivors remake are showing up online now - here if you can follow the link (you may need to sign in). Disclaimer: I was peripherally involved with the online stuff for Survivors, although I think they've decided to take a different tack with it now.

I'll also be watching No Heroics with interest, not least because I'm at the very very early stages of devloping my own british superhero television thing, although mine's more drama than comedy.

Yours mightily, James