Thursday, January 31, 2008

Questions for Agent Matt

One thing I want to do more of in the blog in 2008 is interviews, because I used to do loads when I was running Events at Waterstone's, and I rather miss them. Consequently, I'll be getting Agent Matt in to answer a few questions fairly soon. I've got a few pertinent queries lined up (matron), but I thought this might be a good opportunity to see if anyone has anything they'd like to ask..


Anonymous said...

Why does my train always run late when I arrive early at the station? And why is it always on time when I'm running late?

And why does that bit of my fringe do that funny sticky up thing?

Will let you know if I think of anything else I want to ask.

Anonymous said...

ps sorry. was trying to think of interesting agenty type questions but these were the only things that came to mind. I'm having a bad week...

Tim Footman said...

How many places up the hatred ladder are you from estate agents?

Are we at the point where writers will need agents to place them with agents?

Have you ever put real slush in a slush pile?

patroclus said...

Does slush pile naturally, or does its physical consistency lend itself more to spreading horizontally?

James Henry said...

I'm going to start handing out detentions in a minute.

Salvadore Vincent said...

Do you worship Ari Gold?

Boz said...

Have you ever veto'd anything on this blog?

What's that on your shoe?

Is James Henry really as nice as he makes out?

Where are the bodies buried?

How many suitcases full of Russian gold changed hands for the Shaun the Sheep deal?

Salvadore Vincent said...

OK, some serious ones as I've always been quite fascinated by agents and what they do:

How and why did you become an agent?

What qualities does a good agent need?

What common mistakes do writers make?

What annoys you about writers? (Excluding your own clients who are, I'm sure, all perfect.)

What's the nastiest or toughest it's got?

How often do you lie as part of your job?

Ari Gold: hero, role model or tosser? Do you wish things were more like that over here or are you glad they aren't?

patroclus said...

I would like to apologise to Agent Matt (who is lovely) for being facetious earlier.

Boz said... I feel really guilty. I bet Agent Matt is reaaaaaaally lovely.

How about, What do agents do after being agents?

Anonymous said...

Is it enough to send in a script speculatively and hope it finds its way to the top of the slush pile, is it actually better to make yourself known personally and to schmooze?

and, what is Agent Matt's best tactic for sidestepping unsolicited schmoozers intent on plugging their wares?

Boz said...

Oh oh oh! Are we allowed to see what Agent Matt looks like...?

Oli said...

1) What would set a talented, unproduced writer apart from a horde of other talented, unproduced writers?

2) Is there every any truth in the "it's not you, it's me" rejection letters?

Thank you, Agent Matt.

Oli said...

p.s. I was not pretending to be Agent Matt, merely thanking him, pre-emptively. That is all.