Sunday, May 28, 2006

How to totally disorient* yourself.

Go out for a Catch Up drink with Best Mate (BM), in which grape and grain are mixed. Best bit of conversation:

ME: So, did you catch the last Green Wing?
BM: Mmm.

Long pause.

ME: It's okay if you didn't reall-
BM: I didn't really like it.
ME: Well that's okay.

Another pause.

BM: I mean there were a couple of bits I liked.
ME: (immediately) They were probably mine. I probably wrote those bits.
BM: They felt like you.
ME: Well there you go.

Come home, drunkenly post on other James' blog. A number of times.

Wake up at six in the morning feeling fresh as a daisy. Go for a swim, buy paper, return home, fall asleep again.

Wake up at midday, now thoroughly confused, with no idea what time it is, where you are, or, quite possibly who you are. It's oddly freeing.

* or 'disorientate'? Hmm.


Anonymous said...

Hello James - hope you are feeling less confused, or not, whatever makes you happy. Do you know yet whether you and the other writers will be doing any commentaries for the GW s2 DVD? Ps - how many lengths?

Anonymous said...

that happens to me all the time. every time i drink alcohol, no matter how little or how much, i wake up after about five hours, completely awake, can't fall asleep again for an hour or so.

i call it "the alcohol sleep". i dont know why it needs a name.

there was this one bit in gw 205, when caro and mac were talking about aliens taking over the earth, when i imagined that might have been you.
you strike me as someone who might walk around thinking about alien attack forces.
when you're not thinking about rodent vikings and that.

James Moran said...

You should have just kept on posting, and pretended it was some sort of performance art. That's what I do when I go mad, nobody notices a thing. Nice!

James Henry said...

Feeling less confused now. Would imagine there'd be commentaries, haven't heard anything yet though.

I do wander round thinking about alien invasions, but that bit was Richard again, I think.

Don't know how many lengths, but about 45 mins worth.

James - noted, will try that in future.

Anonymous said...

You guys should be on every commentary. I was listening to yours the other day; was it yourself and Richard? I think you were both VERRRRY entertaining. I was all like; "That's James!" Billy Sneddon's also a commentary god.

James; I think YOU should do some Mastercard ads and show that Julian a thing or two. :-)

Also; drunken blogging. Posssibly the best thing about being drunk. Apart from maybe Karaoke.

James Henry said...

That was me and rob, and dominic, one of the directors. I think I annoyed dom a bit, but it's hard to tell, to be honest.

Billy gives good commentary, agreed.

Anonymous said...

Alien stuff was me. It's just 'if in doubt, say it was Richard' with you, isn't it?

Haven't listened to the commentary yet, I'll have to go and see if you were annoying Dom. I'll let you know.

patroclus said...

I'm not entirely convinced that the mysterious 'Richard' isn't James's shadowy alter ego. Have they ever been seen in the same room together?

James Henry said...

I just think that me and Richard are the only SF geeks, then forget you can do things like name the original voices of the daleks. I shall make a special cardboard medal of geekery for you to wear so I never make the mistake again.

And in the commentary, I slightly annoyed myself, so I don't see why dom should feel left out.

Anonymous said...

"Have they ever been seen in the same room together?"

Well, we're about the same height, but only one of us has a thoroughly convincing beard.

Anonymous said...

That's a damn fine beard!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, Rob! Sorry. I'll know now to say Rob before I even consider Richard.

I guess I just think in alphabetical order... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. "disorient"... "disorientate"... I think the latter, on the basis that it comes from "orientate" and you wouldn't use "orient" in that context, would you now? Unless you were American, of course.

Ooh and the Times style guide agrees with me. Result!

James Henry said...

Excellent, thanks Pash!

patroclus said...

*thinks too much about this subject*

Have a go with 'disoccidentate', just to disoccidentate people.

Anonymous said...

I'd use "orient" in that context, Patroclus, and I'm not American - you've got me all worried now ...

(Dogeared copy of) Collins apparently prefers orient to orientate, since the latter is "an unnecessary back formation from orientation". But grudgingly admits that both are now used. Unfortunately my place of work defers to the Times style guide as well. Bah.

baggiebird said...

Ahh the perils of mixing grpae with grain, been there done that, never posted drunk though, I have enough trouble with my spelling when i'm sober !

Anonymous said...

Even if sober, claim you're posting in drunkenness - it either makes you look like a convivial drunk (possibly leading to free alcohol in the future) or covers up hugely embarrassing errors.