Friday, April 07, 2006

Tootling about

I'm currently in the pleasing position of having one largish comedic thing in the offing, and one smaller comedic thing in the offing also. However neither of the contracts have come yet, so I am free to traipse about the coast and fields of Cornwall idly pretending I'm thinking of amusing things in preparation for said comedic things, whereas in fact if you could listen to the inside of my head, it would be making the sort of noise a satellite makes whilst whooshing through space in a film.

Sort of 'Pshhhhhh..... bip. Pshhhhhh.....bip'.'

However I have saved up for just this sort of eventuality two reported news headlines from Radio Cornwall that m'colleague Richard swears he really actually did hear whilst on holiday.

1. "The traffic trouble in Penzance is over.  The hay has been cleared off the road and the town has calmed down now."

2. "The fair in Truro will be having a special afternoon for the disabled. The rides of course, going just that little bit slower.

To add to these, I discovered today that when my Grandad moved down here to become a County Planning Officer, someone immediately tried to bribe him with a bag of turnips. Marvellous.

Tonight's episode of Green Wing will apparently see fellow blogger Ori (Bearded Lady) being violated in the back of a taxi by Mister Mark Heap. I have set my video, and I hope you will too.

I would also add that the GW DVD signing is now at Virgin Megastore (not HMV, who it turns out are rubbish and smell) on Oxford St (next to Tottenham Court Rd tube) at 6pm on Tuesday 11th April. Currently Mr S. Mangan, Mr J. Rhind-Tutt and Mr O. Chris are aligned attendencewards, perhaps with more to follow. I bumped into Oli on the London Street last week and he was hobbling around on one foot*, an injury he told me had come from kicking a baby into a fire, although I later ascertained it to be in fact some sort of sporting injury. What a strange young man.

* the other one was in a cast.


cello said...

I'm worried that the publicists are turning GW into a teen soap, just wheeling out the male totty all the time. Delightful they are of course, but some of us also appreciate the women in the cast and of course Karl and Mark.

You can never have too many turnips.

James Henry said...

I suspect all the other actors are, you know... 'working'. It's actually very sad.

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with cello; despite being an appreciator of the attractive GW male leads (!) I'd also like to see more of the rest of the cast at things. (That wasn't an order, James, just so you understand.)

Karl Theobald is great in GW and I've been a fan of Mark Heap and Michelle Gomez since Spaced/Big Train and The Book Group - so more from them would be good. (Unless of course they're all too shy or doing actual 'proper' work, in which case I'll let them off.)

James Henry said...

Mmm, I'm surprised Karl hasn't got more interviews, although interestingly, I've had a few meetings with producers lately, all of whom have picked out Karl as one to watch. I've already seen propsals for other series with a role described as a 'Martin Dear' type, which is pretty cool.

So I think he may be the quiet one who ends up doing very well. He certainly has untapped talents beyond the often rather thankless role of Martin (which he does brilliantly, of course).

Katie (Naughty Rachel) also has a certain special something. Beyond the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, interesting...

I meant also to add in my earlier post belated gushing praise of GW2, ep 1. It was fantastic!

The harmonica bits were just brilliant as promised, so was the whole of the Twins scene (improv'd or otherwise!)

Am now eagerly awaiting tonight's instalment with all the giddiness of a small child on their birthday.

Anonymous said...

Karl was the person-who-picks-six-tracks-they-like thing in the Metro the other day. He said Mutya from the Sugababes makes knees melt.

BiScUiTs said...

Oh I didn't realise that was Ori! How funny!! I loved last night's ep.

Maud said...

I THOUGHT it was her!

woot said...

Pfft, it must be totally overated as I have seen nothing to laugh about yet!

oki, oki, oki! I am just completely jealous that you have all seen it and say it is fab when it isn't on here yet!

Bet it will be on a channel that I don't receive (because I live in "The Vally") just like channel 5, and then will have missed it twice!

And I have a cold...