Saturday, April 08, 2006

'Beauty and the Geek'

Why did nobody tell me about this?* Tis fabulous. Although I have to close my eyes quite a lot.

Favourite B: Elissa.
Favourite G: The little beardy one who looks like a woodland animal.

UPDATE: ah, he's called John. Think I've gone off Elissa already though. Blimey, this is complicated.

*Actually, maybe people were sparing my feelings. Hmm.


patroclus said...

Arse - I meant to watch that, as well. Any geek-beauty pairings in the offing? All the beauties commensurately stupid and all the geeks commensurately unattractive? Should I perhaps just watch it myself?

Oh, and happy birthday! I may have said that already.

patroclus said...

Sorry - there's an 'are' missing from that comment. Ar(s)e.

Anonymous said...

ooh, is it your birthday?
happy birthday then!

hope your weather is as lovely as mine.

i dont have any coasts to traipse about on though.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday James!

To which I must add: Not you as well. Mr P is now totally fixated with this show (unfortunately we saw the last episode on E4 or wherever it was so I know who wins. I think he's forgotten though).

The Elissa woman is his favourite also, though I think she wears too much makeup and not enough in the way of skirts. Or have I missed the point?

I quite liked the Tory boy with the unlikely gift for massage myself.

James Henry said...

Mmm, even I think Elissa might be over-doing the eye makeup, which is saying something. And yes, 'Will Goodhand' - marvellous.

I'm 33! Christ. Still, going out for a hearty meal very soon.

P - any time some kind of romance stuff comes up, I scream and run out of the room, so my viewing of it can be considered 'spotty' at best.

Taiga the Fox said...

Happy birthday James (nice age, may I say)
I think haven't said this yet, but GW2 has been brilliant so far. Much better than Beauty and the Geek.

James Henry said...

I got a brilliant present, which I will post tomorrow. Unless it turned out I imagined it.

Dave said...

A little late (I was rather busy yesterday) but Happy Birthday.

Blimey! You'll soon be as old as me.

woot said...


Happy Birthday tooooo yooooooooou!

I wont cintinue as I have been known to deafen people and cause dogs to go mad...

Anonymous said...

with Ori playing a "ho" in the last episode, will you be visible in the second series at all?
perhaps Sue White could snog you and then tell you to faaaaaack off somewhere along the way...?

cello said...

Sorry James. Happy Birthday, but even more so, to make up for being late. x

Anonymous said...

ooh, that's a good line to use, dave! 'You'll soon be as old as me.' I must remember that one (being as I am the oldest of my group of friends...). :)

and happy birthday, james! :)

felinity said...

Ah, just you wait 'til the episode where the geeks have to buy swimwear outfits for the beauties.

Terri's my favourite girl, she's sooo miserable and I do like a healthy dose of cynicism. And Dr David was the best geek, but I think his Bayesian maths did for him in the end.