Saturday, February 04, 2006

The hair, the hair.

Long term blue cat readers may remember my closest friend (heretofor referred to as 'B.M.') as having extremely long hair, to the extent that in the course of one evening she had to be untangled from a hedge, a chair and a bench, only to send a text later that night to tell me that she had got caught up once again whilst preparing for bed and had fallen over. Keep in mind also this post, and you can practically see the vectors colliding.

Went to a leaving party thing for a friend who's off to India for four months (don't know why), and managed to have the following conversation approximately three and a half half seconds after entering the building and walking past some candles.

ME: What's that smell?
B.M.: My hair's on fire.
ME: Is it?
B.M.: Yes.
ME: Because it seems more the sort of thing I'd do.
B.M.: No no, I really have set my hair on fire.

The smell of burnt hair is now wafting across the room, causing people (some of whom I haven't seen in about ten years) to grab handfuls of their own hair and stare in puzzlement. Apart from Tarkus, who's bald now, but has a beautiful wife, so it balances out.

B.M.: It's out now.
ME: Good.
B.M.: Although look, I can pull out great handfuls of hair!
ME: Probably stop then.
B.M.: Yes.

Later I sit in a side room, staring at a widescreen television, which for some kerazee! reason has been installed sideways. Wonder Woman is hanging from a helicopter. Sideways. Even with the sound off, it's an arresting image.

GW2 now scheduled for 31st March, according to the very good British Sitcom Guide, and C4 are starting to put up teaser trailers, the first few of which have already started floating about the net, free for the finding. The writers got to be involved in these (I think the ad people who were supposed to be doing them got scared), and there should be some rather nifty posters coming along later as well.


cello said...

...and radio ads that will include the Ricky Gervais podcasts on Guardian Unlimited apparently. So pleased C4 are spending money on promoting GW2 because very often it's only launch series that get support.

patroclus said...

Maybe (hopefully) they've finally got the message that lots of people really like it.

smoo2 said...

The ads have certainly got us all talking and wondering, so that can only be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

on the gervais podcasts there will be ads for green wing?
(strange word order, but i'm a foreigner so i'm allowed)

love those podcasts, have been listening to the xfm radio shows as well and i'm not sure there's anything funnier than karl pilkington talking about vietnamese lake worms liking the smell of bacon. and then gervais shouting "you bald manc git!".

ahhh. looking forward to the next one.

and, also, the gw ads are very good if slightly disturbing.

Dave said...

GW news: Hurrah!

'rather nifty posters': presumably bill-board sized? If not, and rather more suited to framing in house, you really should get a collection, sign them (along with odd members of the cast) and do a nice side-line in memorabelia for fans.

Regular readers of this blog would, naturally, get a substantial discount.

Taiga the Fox said...

Found freely floating odd and great trailers and can´t wait to see the rather nifty posters.

Send my sympathy to your fiend. I used to have a hair like that, but it came too painful to sit on it all the time. It still gets stuck to strangers bags, which is rather unpleasant. Never burnt any hair though.

Anonymous said...

I once got some very funny looks at a party when I leapt up and started beating someone's girlfriend about the head. Some idiot had set fire to her hair with their cigarette, and I was the only one that noticed.

She wasn't even grateful. I should have let it burn.

Anonymous said...

I set fire to my best friend's hair at our First Holy Communion. There I am, following her down the church with candle in my newly holy hands, turn to beam at assembled family and realise I can smell the smell when mum gets distracted with the hairdrier. And there's Nicola's strawberry blonde hair fizzling and blackening. I moved away, blew slightly and that was that. I have never told her. Or anyone for that matter. How terribly cathartic.

heather said...

hey, glad to see someone else likes art brut. it's good stuff. thanks for stopping by and commenting. very interesting blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

Someone set fire to my bra once by flicking a cigarette and the end flying down my (not especially low cut) top. And I got a blister.

surly girl said...

i set someone's hair on fire at a party once. i so didn't get a snog off him that night.