Monday, February 27, 2006


1. Borrowed mum's car, drove to Truro.
2. Bought some stuff.
3. Stopped on way home, got some petrol.
4. Drove a further three miles wondering why there was a strong sort-of-petrolly-smell and a loud rattling sound from above me.
5. Stopped at laybay, took petrol cap off roof.
6. Returned car.
7. Said nowt.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't your mum read your blog then?

James Henry said...

I'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, that's nothing.
i once drove aboout 4 kilometers with the handbrake on.
only after a while did i start to wonder why the engine was making strange noises and why nothing much happened when i stepped on the gas.

Lee said...

At least you didn't put diesel in it. Man, would that have been embarrassing. You'd never live it down, no, not for years. Years I tell you. Even if it was only the once.

Evans said...

You're all streets ahead of me. I couldn't even get the petrol cap off my parents car, and had to pretend to the queue of cars snaked around the forecourt that I didn't want the petrol anyway. It was difficult.

Anonymous said...

We have to wait until next year to find out what happens in Life on Mars!? I can't do it.

Lee said...

Evans, oh yes, I've done that too. And crashed in the forecourt.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to give me a licence probably ought to have put more thought into it.