Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tommy The Tungsten Robot

You know that thing when Richard from Green Wing says 'ooh I'm going to make a film about a robot with some mates, do you want to help?' and you say 'sure, just let me know what I can do', and they do let you know, but you don't get round to it and anyway you live in Cornwall which is often a good excuse to get out of doing anything ever?

Well Richard from Green Wing and his mates gone done made the film without my help, which I find astounding. If you look carefully, you will see Richard acting in it, and Fay from Green Wing in it acting as well. YouTube has cut the film into two parts thusly:


spence said...

Hes nice that Richard from Green Wing....barmy, obviously but nice!

nanga parbat said...

James! There were robots! What were you thinking??

Mangonel said...

No ninjas though. You were well out of that one, lad.