Monday, March 10, 2008

Cornwall is having a HURRICANE!

I went into town to post a thing earlier, and NEARLY BLEW AWAY. The post office was very exciting, everyone thinks they are going to be washed into the sea by the hurricane soon and are sending postcards like 'Dear Aunty Sue, please send us hampers of extraordinary food and a bottle of nice port because we will have no supplies soon because of the hurricane'.

Later I will tell you all about how I went to the DUMBfunded thing which I was worried about because of the reverse stage fright thing, but it was all fine, I decided not to take the reserved seats at the front, but rather stand lurking at the back, which was the correct decision I think because I started sweating profusely the moment the first lot of performers started striding towards the stage, and then by the time they'd actually reached the stage, my legs had buckled and I slid slowly down the wall and sat on the floor instead. I would describe the amount of sympathy given to me by my pregnant partner as 'acceptable'. So I listened to it rather than seeing it, but it all went down jolly well.

Look, she's not that pregnant. I got some seats over at the back on the other side (I don't mean 'dead') for the second half.

Anyway, back to the hurricane, it's all jolly exciting, and I for one am quite glad I don't have a wooden bowl of Christmas clementines, or a limestone floor, or any minute now one would be vomiting across the other, I'll be bound.

*goes back to cradling shotgun, waiting for looters*


Jayne said...

My fence is slumped picturesquely across my garden and bird keep trying to land in the tree at the end of the garden and are being buffeted back.

Talking of buffets, I don't think I'll need a hamper but a bottle of nice port's always welcome...

Spinsterella said...


Our roof has been violently vomiting water onto my non-floating, non-walnut non-american bookshelf.

Oh Caroline Phillips, you've given us all a whole new vocabulary and for that we will be be forever grateful.

james henry said...

I always reckon it doesn't count as proper weather until something has been speared, and one of my neighbours has introduced himself solely with his age and occupation.

Peachy Moo said...

It's only a matter of hours before the first red cross parcels will be dropped in!

Hopefully, containing port, cheese & biscuits & maybe a nice jar of pickle.

Dave said...

A very very small earthquake last week, and some wind this week. To what is the world coming?

Boz said...

"The voice of film producer Julia Barron came from the phone. I screamed and screamed."

Yes. It's still extremely funny. I still wonder what happened to Happy, the missing cat.

llewtrah said...

I was in Yorkshire at the time and it was a bit blustery. Luckily my new shed roof, back in Essex, survived the strong winds.