Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chris Lowe was good too.

I always wanted to be a keyboard player in an electropop band, an ambition hampered only by my utter lack of musical ability.

I mention this purely because a song ("Tony The Beat" by The Sounds) which was already very good indeed:

... has now been given a remix and a new video with perhaps the greatest keyboard player I have ever seen, combining as he does, petulance, stoicism, intellectualism and 'not taking any shit from monkeys'.

Via popjustice. More Rex the Dog here.


Anonymous said...

I nearly spat my lentil soup all over the screen watching that dog.

You gotta love electro.

Rose said...

I am broken with laughter.

I don't know why this has tickled me so.

Tim Footman said...

" ambition hampered only by my utter lack of musical ability"

And you think this hampered the mighty Dave Ball?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who finds it really amusing that a dog (who looks quite like the dog mascot of NYDC restaurants) is playing on a synthesizer called "the CAT"?

James Henry said...

Dave Ball from The Grid? I loved that Terxas Cowboys song, it were ace. And yes, the Cat bit should possibly have been covered up.

patroclus said...

I thought Dave Ball was the other one in Soft Cell, but I could be well wrong about that.

I could just look it up, I suppose.

But Texas Cowboys was indeed ace.

patroclus said...


belladona said...

Ooh. I like The Sounds, me.