Monday, September 05, 2005

Shambling Mounds in Central Park

Worth breaking my self-imposed radio silence for. Scroll down to Cult warning for NY hacks.

I've just started a fresh D&D campaign with an old friend from school who I haven't seen for about fifteen years (and his wife, which he didn't have in school - I would have noticed). We played with no discernable irony, and my first level Paladin killed quite a few Beastmen which was good, particularly when I misunderstood how many hit points* my character had and insisted on taking on their leader alone, only to find out later on that my arm was basically hanging on by a bit of skin and sinew (a state which long-time blue cat readers will know is the traditional state for a paladin regardless of game medium) . Anway, I won, and it was great.

While I'm geeking out, there should be a technical term for the joy one feels when it turns out your hotel bedroom is just on the edge of someone's wifi zone. Wiphoria?

Also. I have become somewhat obsessed with this site.

*If anyone's wondering, yes I have. But to be honest, not for a while.


surly girl said...

i bought the Other Half the book of that for christmas last year. not the sort of book you can read on public transport, unless you think people would be enamoured of bellowing laughter at 7.5 on the brian blessed scale.

Jane said...

Cheers James, another working day completely ruined... Playgroundlaw rools!

Wyndham said...

You are indeed correct - that site is brilliant.